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Catalog - World Famous Paintings
This catalog will cover the masterpieces painted by the most famous artists in the world.

110 World Famous  Paintings on 24K Gold are available now:

 Leonardo Collection - 20 masterpieces by Leonardo da Vinci, including “Mona Lisa”, “The Last Supper” etc.  

Venus Collection
50 masterpieces of Venus, the Goddess of Love, Beauty and Sexy.
Including "The Birth of Venus", "A Venus", "Venus and Mars", "Venus and Adonis" etc

Monet Collection
40 masterpices by Monert, Claude including “Impression Sunrise”, “House of Parliament, London”, “Water Lillies” etc

All on 24K Gold!   More are coming! 
Always something New!
Enjoy the pictures, Click on the thumbs in each collection in the catalog, you can see the large images and detailed information. 

Why "Mona Lisa" is so famous?

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci  (1452-1519),

The most dazzlingly poetic pictures ever created -  Leonardo's three great portraits of women all have a secret wistfulness. 

Code: Leo018
 "Mona Lisa"  (c. 1503-04)
Author: Leonardo da Vinci  (1452-1519)
Musée du Louvre, Paris
Code: Leo004 
"Portrait of Ginevra Benci"  (1474-1476)
Author: Leonardo da Vinci  (1452-1519)
National Gallery of Art, Washington DC
Code: Leo010
"Lady with an Ermine"  (1483-1490)
Author: Leonardo da Vinci  (1452-1519)
Czartoryski Museum, Cracow

This secret wistfulness quality is  at its most enigmatic in the Mona Lisa's (Leonardo Collection Set I, Code: LEO018) inward amusement, at its most appealing in the Lady with an Ermine’s (Leonardo Collection Set I, Code LEO010) gentle submissiveness,and at its most confrontational in Ginevra de' Benci's (Leonardo Collection Set I, Code: LEO004) self-absorption. It has that haunting, almost unearthly beauty peculiar to Leonardo.

The Mona Lisa (Louvre, Paris), also known as La Gioconda, is a portrait of the wife of Francesco del Giocondo, painted by Leonardo between 1503 and 1505.

Leonardo himself loved the portrait, so much so that he always carried it with him until eventually in France it was sold to François I, either by Leonardo or by Melzi.

From the beginning it was greatly admired, and it came to be considered the prototype of the Renaissance portrait. 

It became even more famous in 1911, when it was stolen from the Salon Carré in the Louvre, being rediscovered in a hotel in Florence two years later. 

On the perfect beauty of a woman', by the 16th-century writer Firenzuola, we learn that the slight opening of the lips at the corners of the mouth was considered in that period a sign of elegance. Thus Mona Lisa has that slight smile which enters into the gentle, delicate atmosphere pervading the whole painting. 

To achieve this effect, Leonardo uses the sfumato technique, a gradual dissolving of the forms themselves, continuous interaction between light and shade and an uncertain sense of the time of day. 

To look at it as if we were the first time ever to set eyes on it. Lisa looks alive. She really seems to look at me and to have a mind of her own. She seems to change before my eyes and to look a little different every time we come back to her. Sometimes she seems to mock at us, and then again we seem to catch something like sadness in her smile. This sounds mysterious but that is so often the effect of a great work of art. 

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